I had a conversation with someone who was commenting on how hard working out and eating better can be.

I’ve had this conversation many times…

…what I’ve come to realize is that people don’t mean it’s hard as in difficulty of workouts, or even eating better.

It’s hard in that it’s different from your normal routine.

I bet you’re a creature of habit; I mean most people are. We prefer routine and continuity.

So when anything changes our routine, it feels that it throws off our entire day. Thus the day feels harder.

Getting your mind wrapped around that your day to day life will need to change for you to see the results that you want to see seems hard(er).

Change always SEEMS hard…

…but at the end was it ever has hard as you thought it would be?


What we make out in our head as “difficult” is most times worse than what it actually is.

How many times have you played out situations in your head of hard times, difficulties, and the ‘what if this happens,’ or ‘what if that happens.’

All the time I’m sure. I’m guilty of this as well.

We always think and get into our heads, that something will be harder than what it really will be.

This can cause some people to stress out and quit before the process has even started, when if they just gritted their teeth and got started, they realize that it’s almost never as hard as you built up in your head.

If you feel trying to change your life is hard and you’re getting yourself worked up what should you do?

One. Get out of your head.
Two. Get started.
Three. Remember why you started when you feel like quitting.

I’m not going to be naive and say that transforming your body and changing your life isn’t hard since you have to change your routine but…

Being in shape is hard, being fat is hard.

Choose your hard.

In Health and Awesomeness,