My dad taught me this saying YEARS ago and it always stuck with me: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

This could not be more true in the weight loss game. So here are a few restaurant eating tips that I use:

Do your research!

Know you have a lunch meeting on Thursday? Look at the menu ahead of time online to make an informed decision of what will work for you calorie wise. When you look ahead and already know what you want, it prevents you from being sucked into the menu when you arrive there. Often times I look at the menu ahead of time online and don’t even pick one up when I get to the restaurant to prevent me from last minute temptations.

Dressing on the side

Get your salad dressing on the side and dip your salad in it instead of pouring it. It saves a TON of calories.

Don’t drink your calories

I usually always order water or tea (unsweet- and sweeten it myself).  Most restaurants offer free coke refills. (Yes, we refer to all sodas here in Texas as ‘coke’) So think if you have 3 refills of non-diet coke how many calories you’ve just consumed… it’s a lot!

Track it BEFORE you eat it

I usually input everything in my calorie counter app on my phone BEFORE I eat it. That way I have a mental reminder of what I’ve already allotted myself and how much more of something I can have without going over my calories.

Portion control

I will continue to preach it until it’s embedded in your brains. You can have ANYTHING you want… IN MODERATION. You want a brownie fudge sundae for dessert? Sure! Why don’t you get 6 spoons and spit it with the table!? Order off the kids menu if you have to.

Take it away asap

Have the waiter/waitress take your plate away as soon as you’re done. That way you won’t snack mindlessly.

Box it up beforehand

Ask the waiter/waitress to bring you a to-go box and box up 1/2 of your meal BEFORE you eat it. This prevents you from eating the entire meal and you have just cut your calories in HALF.

No Chips Please

Request that you get no complimentary chips and salsa or bread baskets if you can’t contain yourself. This is where I struggle the most. I LOVE chips and salsa and even more so, BREAD. GIMME THOSE CARBS! But you can easily consume 500 calories or more if you’re not mindful of those things. Ask the waiter/waitress to not bring it out, or keep it out of reach from you if everyone else wants it.

Have willpower

Don’t have the mindset that you NEED something fattening, or that you’ll “just start over tomorrow”. We all make mistakes and have slip ups, but don’t set yourself up for failure ahead of time. Just remember the 7 P’s and you’ll be fine!

What are some of your eating out tips?

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