What to do After Overeating

Had a rough night with food and have a food hangover this morning?

When I wake up with that food hangover and just feel like a bloated beached wale this is what I do.

As soon as I wake up, I drink something HOT. This hot drink can be coffee, tea, Spark, or anything hot of choice. It will take a few cups, but this will warm up the GI system that has been sitting there with all that food in your gut.

Next, I drink sugar-free Metamucil or about 15g of fiber.

Finally, I take some probiotics AND continue with my diet as I normally would along with a normal water intake.

I don’t try to make these micro-adjustments the next day because of the food bender. I’ve learned over the years this creates an unhealthy relationship with food AND it never really fixes anything physical.

Side note: What I found with many people is when you deny yourself a normal day of eating AFTER a food bender you begin to treat this denial as punishment because you ate like crap for one day or one meal. There is no reason to punish yourself because you fell off the wagon… that’s dumb. 

When I follow this protocol (hot drink, fiber, and probiotics), it helps pass the food out of my system sooner.

Your body has taken the majority of the nutrients and calories it needs from the food you consumed so now it’s just sitting in the gut (the intestines mostly, hence why you feel you have a food baby) and needs to be passed.

Fibrous foods (or Metamucil) act as a pipe cleaner (a gross analogy I know) and hot liquid ‘warms-up’ the GI tract allowing things to move better. When food has passed out of your system that has been sitting there making me (or you) feel like a bloated fluffy mess, you’ll find that you feel a TON better and less guilty about your night before.

Hey, we all overeat, it happens; I just don’t beat myself up about it. I simply get that crap (literally) out of my system and move on. 

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  1. Gena December 26, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Great advice. Thanks.

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